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Research Handbook on Line Managers
Edited by Keith Townsend , Anna Bos-Nehles , and Kaifeng Jiang

This timely Research Handbook brings together 24 chapters with a wide range of different theoretical perspectives, empirical research, and innovative thought provoking ideas relating to an area of organization and management that has been neglected for many decades – line managers.


Strategic Human Resource Management and Organizational Effectiveness
Edited by Riki Takeuchi, Yaping Gong, Corine Boon, and Kaifeng Jiang

This book on human resource management (HRM) research builds upon and extends the work of Professor David P. Lepak who was the Berthiaume Endowed Chair of Business Leadership in the Isenberg School of Management at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. In addition to being a tribute to Professor Lepak and his work, this volume aims to help organizations and managers understand how to use human resource management to benefit employees while achieving organizational effectiveness. 

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